Sabian has all the sounds and colors I need in a cymbal. When I'm playing straight-ahead jazz, I usually go for a darker sound. Jack D's signature cymbals work great. For rock, I use AA or AAX. Nice, bright, and powerful. They really cut thru the amps. For last minute sessions when I don't know the kind of music I'm going to record/play, I can ALWAYS rely on my HH series cymbals. HHX if I need more projection. Almost all of my students start out with a Sabian cymbal pack.

    Sabian Jack DeJohnette Encore cymbals

  • 14" Hi-Hats
  • 18" crash
  • 21" ride

    Sabian Hand Hammered cymbals

  • 12" mini hats
  • 15" thin crash
  • 18" Dark crash
  • 10" and 12" Splashes
  • 21" Raw Bell Dry Ride
  • 17" Chinese


I use American Hickory 8A, Sweet Rides, and the Wire Retractable Rubber Grip Brushes. 8As work great for almost any type of music. I prefer the sweet rides and brushes for jazz and blues. All the sticks are perfectly balanced and produce a full fat sound that is very responsive. Their durability can’t be matched.

Black Panther

All Black Panther Snares are hand crafted to the same exacting specifications and feature maximum sensitivity, remarkable clarity and incredible resonance. Black Panther snares are also equipped with low-mass, single-point-of-contact lugs, easy-to-operate throw-offs, nylon tension rod washers and precision machined brass lug nuts.


I use Audix microphones for live sound and recording. They have a great tight sound and capture the true resonance of my kit. They are the ultimate drum microphone